Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#1047 finally! a win!

If you check in on me every now and again, you probably already know that I am a huge sports fan and my very most favorite team is the Utah Jazz. This young season has not been a pretty one and has already tested my fan-hood somewhat.

You see, at the end of last season, the Jazz missed going to the playoffs by one game, being beaten for the playoff spot by the Lakers, of all teams. Jazz management decided to make a bold move at that time and let their veteran leaders go to other teams, thus making a conscious decision to build the team around a core group of young players. We fans knew that this season would be a tough one, with many more losses than wins, but we believe that management knows what they are doing and that the young players have talent and will continue to develop into solid, successful players.

The first eight games were all losses, and some of them were bad blow-out type losses. The team would play well for a little while, but just couldn't hang in there. Very difficult to watch them play that way.

I was fortunate to get tickets for the game tonight from my work. T and I headed over to the arena this evening feeling cautiously hopeful. The Jazz were playing the New Orleans Pelicans; the Pelicans star player is the ridiculously talented Anthony Davis. They have several other good players, too.

At halftime the Jazz were down by eight or ten points, and they came out cold and slow in the third quarter. They stayed in the game, though, and kept chipping away and got within three points, then tied the game. The somewhat sparse crowd really got into the game was the team was playing well. We roared when the Jazz took the lead and went on to win. YAY! Winning feels so, so much better than not winning!!

One win and eight losses is still sad, but it was great to see the team get the first win of season and play well together. I enjoy watching the games at home, but I really love to go to the arena to watch the games. My thanks to my friend James for the tickets!

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