Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#1098 I'm not smart PLUS the parking lot fight

I woke up at 4:40 this morning because I had an idea and I really liked it. I was so excited thinking about it that I couldn't get back to sleep. It was an idea for a little project involving Mondays.

In the shower, I was wondering how many Mondays there are in a year, so when I got to work I counted them out on my calendar.


There's 52, in case you were wondering. One Monday for each week of the year.


I felt so stupid, but it really made me laugh at myself. I blame the extremely early wake-up time. I giggled all through lunch until I saw a fight break out at the drive-though of the Taco Time.

No kiddin'!

There were two men who were standing very close to each other behind a car in the drive-through line. It didn't take long to figure out they were not having a friendly conversation. One guy (Guy 1) pushed the other guy (Guy 2). Then Guy 2  guy pushed back harder and then they shoved each other a few more times. I wondered if someone was going to pull out a weapon and pop a cap in the other guy's ass. It seems like that kind of crap happens in this country.

Instead, Guy 2 practically picked up Guy 1 and started carrying him to his car. The Guy 1 broke free, but Guy 2 kept pushing him and pushing him until Guy 1 got into his car. During all this, I was sitting in my car with my hands over my mouth. There was a truck in front of me, and the driver of the truck, a guy, got out and went to supervise the shoving.

Guy 1 drove away. Guy 2 ordered his tacos and pulled on through. The guy in the truck got his tacos and went on his way. When I was getting my tacos I told the taco lady that I had never seen such action in the drive-through line, then I told her what I saw. Very strange experience.

Maybe those two dudes should count how many Mondays there are in a year and get over themselves :)

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Kteach said...

Glad you were not involved in their fight!
Now what's the Monday idea? :)