Monday, April 21, 2014

#1158 weekend with the family

I have had such a great weekend spending time at my mom and dad's house! We have been able to see most of our family and enjoy each other's company.

My aunt Mia is here visiting from Sweden. It's been three years since she was last here, but it doesn't feel like any time has passed.  The time with her is very comfortable and happy. We talk about the differences between things in the U.S. and in Sweden. It's interesting.

My sister came up from San Diego on Friday night, so we had a full house this weekend. Lizzie, T and I all slept in the living room: Lizzie on the couch, T in Dad's chair and me on a queen size air mattress. I definitely had the best sleeping option :)

On Saturday afternoon while Dad was in dialysis, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, El Cholo, and had one of my favorite dishes, the filet mignon tacos. The beef is so tender and perfectly seasoned! You put a little pickled red onion on the homemade corn tortilla, a slice of avocado on top of the beef and add a squeeze of fresh lime. I have never been disappointed with this meal. Add some fresh crispy chips and tangy salsa and an ice cold beer, and it's heaven!

On Saturday night Lizzie, T, Mia and I went to a house concert north of Los Angeles to hear the duo Berkely Hart play. (Berkely is Lizzie's sweetheart.) Berkley Hart is fantastic. They are an acoustic duo who plays folk music. They both have the sweetest voices and Berkley is a really talented musician. I enjoyed the show a lot. To make it even extra fun and LA-ish, there was a famous person there! I will use that information for a separate "brush with celebrity" post. ;)

Sunday was Easter. JB stopped by on his way back from LA and we had a nice visit. Later, my dad's sisters and brothers came over along with my cousins. Mia made an amazing lunch with typical Swedish food: meatballs, mashed potatoes, carrots and a crisp bread. We also had cake to celebrate my dad's birthday (which is today). I ate way too much, but it was worth it!

Lizzie went back to San Diego last night, so it's just the five of us now. We are about to go have birthday lunch at Panda Inn. Dad likes it and T loves it. T and I will head back home tonight. It has been such a nice weekend!


Kteach said...

It was great having you and Tristasn with us :)

emtes said...

I loved seeing you again and you're right it didn't seem like three years had gone since we last met.
Let's hope it's not three years before we mert again. You know you are welcome to me in Sweden! Any time.

Love you! Puss och kram
Mia <3