Thursday, April 30, 2015

#1423 TBT family portrait in Tulum, Mexico

I like Throwback Thursday!

This photo is from April 2007. MT and I went to the Riviera Maya with T, Jake and Linda and our nephew Garrett. T was nine years old, so Garrett must have been 11. It was our second big vacation and the first with T.

One of the excursions we went on was to Tulum in the morning and Xel-Ha in the afternoon. This photo is in Tulum and the big temple is in the background.

Tulum was a Mayan city and probably one of the most beautifully situated there on a cliff above the Caribbean. I didn't go down to the beach because it was quite far down and I didn't want to have to climb the stairs back up. I remember it was hot hot hot that day. Jake was the only one of us willing to go down and get in the water. I regret that I didn't go down to the water. Maybe next time :)

I had forgotten about this photo! I'm glad I saw it in the file because it's a good photo of the family and a nice reminder of the visit to Tulum.

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