Saturday, May 2, 2015

#1425 three things

It's time for three things and they are all sports-related!

1. Kentucky Derby.  I don't follow horse racing at all except for two weekend in May and one in June. I love the first Saturday of May because the Kentucky Derby is so cool. The traditions of the event are familiar and wonderful: the playing of the bugle as the horses are lead to the track, the playing of My Old Kentucky Home, the blanket of roses placed on the winning horse. I like the silks the jockeys wear. I I like to watch the horses coming around the first turn and the sprint down the stretch. I like a close race, but I also like it when a horse breaks away wins by a big margin. Some years I watch a lot of pre-race coverage and pick a favorite from the interviews and feature that are shown. This year wasn't like that. I got an alert on my phone from ESPN that the race was going to start in 10 minutes, so I tuned in for the best two minutes in sports. Today the favorite won the race, a horse named American Pharoah. My favorite part was when the jockey, Victor Espinoza, declared that he felt like "luckiest Mexican on Earth." He was so joyful!

2. Clippers beat Spurs in great round 1 game 7. NBA playoff basketball is great, even in round 1. The LA Clippers/San Antonio Spurs match-up was an epic way to start the playoffs. Tonight's game went down to the wire with the Clippers pulling off the win in the last 10 seconds. The defending World Champion Spurs are now on vacation, so we'll definitely have a new champ this year. Round two starts tomorrow with the Warriors/Grizzlies in the West and Wizards/Hawks in the East.

3. #MayPac. The "fight of the century" they said. Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao in an outrageously expensive pay-per-view event for the welterweight title of boxing. I don't really know that much about the whole thing other than it was way hyped and trending on Twitter, so that's how I followed it. Some people on Twitter are funny. I don't tweet much, but I like to follow along. Apparently Mayweather won by unanimous decision. Look for a rematch sometime soon.

ONE MORE THING (a bonus, if you will)

It's not sports-related, but I could not possibly sign off tonight without acknowledging the fact that there is a new princess in the world! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a girl this morning. I love Will and Kate and their little royal family. The baby is so precious! And her big brother, George, equally adorable. I can't wait to hear what they name the baby. I'm hoping for Diana, but it will probably be something old-fashioned that will grow on me. Kind of like Harry or George. :)

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