Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#1464 bye-bye June; you were fantastic

Today is the last day of June. It's my BFF LA's birthday.  I sent her a text this morning and she told me that she was leaving work early to go kayaking with her husband. She got a green kayak for her birthday! I didn't even know she liked to do that activity, so I asked when she got into kayaking and she said last Tuesday. LOL

Next month is an odd number month, so I plan to write every day and I will write about Hawaii until I've told you everything. :) I've been thinking about the best way to tell you about it. Should I just write a day-by-day thing? Should I pick and choose stuff we did and write about that?

One of the things I like about vacation is that I usually have lots of time to read. I was hoping to read three books during my vacation and I did it! I was reading a book when we left, and I finished that one, plus I read three others cover to cover. I was pretty surprised to be able to read all those books because we were out and about quite a bit. I will write about the books on the 2015 Reading List page, but here is what I read:

On the trip over, I watched the movie Cinderella. Remember how much I loved that movie? I wrote a whole post about it. I still love it. Even though the screen was a lot smaller and there was a little buffering at times and the audio was interrupted by announcements by the pilot or the flight attendants, I still loved it. There was quite a selection of movies available. I didn't fully explore the options or I might have watched something else. I certainly had time to watch more than one movie, but I read a lot on the flight over. On the flight back, I just slept.

Looking back, June was kind of fantastic. The first weekend was my birthday. The next two weekends we were in Hawaii, and last weekend we were in Island Park. I'm thankful we will be staying home this weekend and doubly thankful that this weekend is a three day affair because it's the 4th of July! I have lots of things I want to do: see movies, read (I just picked up the latest Sarah Addison Allen book!), laundry, pay my bills, clean up the house, go to the pool (it's hot as blazes here!) and just relax.

July will be good, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the Zac Brown Band next week. We get another three day weekend toward the end of the month, too because July 24 is a state holiday here in Utah. There's some planning and some learning to be done, too, but more on that later maybe. Plus, I'm involved in a fitness challenge at work in which we have to complete 600 minutes of activity in the month and the organizers keep track of the activity through the Fitbit. (Remind me to tell you how much I have enjoyed my FitBit.)

Ok, I'm going over to the reading page to talk about these four books. Check back tomorrow and I'll try to verbally take you to Waikiki Beach and show you some photos too!

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