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#1530 2 weeks in Barcelona day 9: Sant Feliu and a home cooked meal

Hola! Ready to go back to Spain with me? Let's go!

Tuesday 22 September 2015

The morning was cloudy and cooler than previous days. The sea still looked gorgeous and so did the clouds.

Platja d'Aro
Sonia came over in the morning because she had to go to her office for an hour or so. She drove us over to the doctor's office because Mom had decided to have the blister checked. Lizzie and I went along for moral support. The doctor popped the blister and bandaged it and told her to have it checked in a couple of days when we returned to Barcelona. After the "procedure" we walked around the town a little bit and bought some souvenirs, then met back up with Sonia at the apartment. We decided to have a light lunch at the apartment, so Sonia, Lizzie and I walked to a nearby bar and got some sandwiches and french fries that we brought back and ate on our terrace.

lunch on the terrace
I probably should have given them some warning that I was taking a photo! heehee

The plan for the afternoon was to go to Sant Feliu de Guixols to my cousin Monica's apartment. My Tia Nuri was staying there for a couple of days and my mom was going to have a longer chat with her sister. I wasn't really sure what I would be doing for a couple of hours there, but fortunately, Monica has a dog who needed to go for a walk, so Lizzie and I went walking with Monica and her dog Willie. Monica showed us around her town and it's a really cool old town. I liked it a lot. Here are some photos:

narrow streets

La Rambla de Sant Feliu

cool old building; I think it was a casino at one time

the monastery and Lizzie

original monastery entrance

another narrow street with a clock tower at the end
Sant Feliu is also a beach town, but it doesn't seem nearly as tourist-y as Platja d'Aro. There were many interesting looking shops and cafes, and it's a very old town. As we were walking along, we enjoyed stopping to read signs on various buildings telling about the history of the place. I mean, the place dates back to the sixth century BC. In one little cafe, there is a Roman column. There are places in the sidewalks that have windows that show Roman ruins. It's fantastic! I like that old stuff.

I have to say that I felt a little sorry for poor old Willie. Monica was dragging him along at times as we moved through the town. The poor old dog just wanted to pee on everything. He seemed relieved to get back to the apartment.

Sonia and Eric arrived and we spent a little more time with Nuri and Monica, then we left to go meet Eric's mother, Carmen. She lives in Sant Feliu also. She is a nice lady and I enjoyed meeting her.

By then it was around 8pm, time for dinner, so we went to Sonia and Eric's apartment in Santa Cristina. Eric was cooking dinner for us! My sister was craving escalopa and we hadn't seen it on any menu. While Eric cooked, Lizzie, Mom and I pecked away at our phones because Sonia had fast wifi :) We wanted to get in touch with our menfolk and let them know everything was going well, plus there were photos to be posted!

Eric made a feast! In addition to the escalopa which is very thin pork that is breaded and fried, he also cooked botifarra sausage and mongetes (fava beans) - very typical Catalan dish. He also cooked up some chorizo and of course there was pan con tomate and some red peppers. And sangria! Sooooo gooooood! When you've been eating restaurant food most of the time, home cooked food is the best and Eric is a very good cook.

Eric in the kitchen

Sorry about the blurriness of the photo. I'm not good at standing still while the flash does it's thing.

Sonia or maybe Eric drove us back to Platja and we got home around midnight. It had been another thoroughly enjoyable day.

Next time...back to Barcelona!

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Kteach said...

mongetes are not fava beans, they are white beans. Fava beans are a lot larger and different
shape )
The meal was very tasty. I'm ready for some sangria right now!