Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#1535 catching up

Now what do I do? It was easy to write every day when I had a topic, but now I'm free-styling.

This morning we had some chunky rain that turned into real snowflakes then petered out into rain. It was cold and gray all day long. The forecast is wintery for the next few days. And the "fall back" time change has messed me up a little. It is dark when I leave the office between 5 and 5:30. The other night I was feeling super-tired and was thinking about going to bed, but it was only 7:00. I'm not ready for the winter yet.

MT is still working on the fixer upper. He's been putting down the floor and today we had the furnace guy in to get that business all fixed up. I'll get back to regular fixer upper updates on Sunday. It's such a giant project and MT has been working his tail off on that house.

T is a senior in high school now. He's been getting literature from colleges. November is the month where you apply to colleges, so we'll be working on that in the coming days. I think he has chosen a school, but I'm not totally sure. As for his grades, he is still doing great. His first term report card was "A"wesome. He takes pride in his grades and is good at doing his homework and putting in the time to study. Plus, he has a job! He works at a sandwich shop in our neighborhood. I don't think he particularly likes the job, but he likes the money.

On Monday T and a couple of his friends went to a concert. There were four artists on the bill and he got home after 1AM. He had a tough time getting up on Tuesday morning, but he knows that if you play on a school night, you gotta answer the bell the next day. Good for him. He came home after school and took a nap.

I have had a lingering cold for about a month now. I went to the doctor and was told that I have a viral infection and there is nothing on the planet that I could take to make it go away. The doctor recommended that I use my netty pot and get lots of rest. Last weekend I stayed home, medicated, napped and generally laid around, but I still feel crappy. My head is full of mucus. I seem to have an unlimited supply of the gunk.

To fight back, I jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. A friend at work is into essential oils and she is a distributor for an outfit from Idaho called Butterfly Express that is not a multi-level marketing place. I bought four oils: lavender (the mother essential oils), and three blends. One blend is for getting rid of viral infections (!), one blend is for sleep and one is for healthy hair. They all smell pretty good. I'm excited to try them out. What's the worst that could happen? If they don't do anything for my cold, sleep or hair, at least I will smell good.

I guess we are caught up now. Talk to you tomorrow!

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