Sunday, March 20, 2016

#1631 three things: T's bday food, #picaday and a busy week ahead

Usually on Sunday I write about MT's work on the fixer upper. I'm not going to write about it today, though. MT worked five days this week with Travis, so he only worked on the fixer upper yesterday and today, so there won't be too many changes to talk about.

Instead, let's talk about three things!

1. Birthday food. Yesterday was T's birthday and I like to show my love with food, so I asked him what he would like me to cook for him, if anything. He wanted cinnamon rolls in the morning, chicken enchiladas with white sauce for dinner and chocolate bundt cake for dessert. I was happy to oblige. Kelsie told me about cinnamon rolls from Rhodes in the freezer section. You can bake them from frozen! I tried them and they are delicious. We'll have those treats again! The enchiladas and the cake come from recipes I found on Pinterest that I've made before and we all liked a lot. Everything turned out well and T was happy with his birthday food.

2. #picaday This year I have challenged myself to take more photos. I post my daily photos on Instagram, which I totally love. (You can follow me on Instagram at sandrak03, if you want. It's available as an app for your phone or you can see it online at The challenge has been really fun for me. Sometimes I know what I want to photograph. Sometimes I forget about the photos and I end up taking a random photo of my boys or my dog or my feet propped up on the coffee table as I sit watching TV. Some days I take one photo; other days I take 20 photos (but I only post one). Sometimes I post the photo on Facebook and/or Twitter also, but they are always on Instragram. All of the photos have been taken with my beloved iPhone.

Here's today's photo:

It's the sunset I saw from my bedroom window tonight. I love the layers of color from the bright yellow of the sun going down behind the Oquirrh Mountains to the orange-y pink clouds into the purple sky fading into soft pink clouds in the blue night sky. I started taking photos of the sunset from my bedroom window, but then decided to try to chase it a little, so I went for a quick walk to try to find a good angle, but I was a little late.

3. Busy week ahead! I've got a lot of stuff going on next week. Check it out:

  • Monday - Nothing
  • Tuesday - The Salt Lake Bees will be playing a spring training game here in Salt Lake against the LA Angels! The Angels are the Bees' parent team. I bought my ticket months ago when the game was first announced. I have a great seat behind home plate. I'm going by myself and I feel really excited about it! Guess what the pic of the day will be on Tuesday?
  • Wednesday - Not as much fun as baseball...I will be having a CT scan done on my right knee. It's a long story, and I'll wait for the result of the scan to let you know what is happening.
  • Thursday - I'm going to be a volunteer at Red Butte Garden this year and I'll get my first training on Thursday evening. You will definitely hear more about the volunteer gig throughout the year. I'm really excited about it!
  • Friday - Also not as fun as baseball and the garden...a doctor appointment to make sure all my lady parts are good. I will not be giving details of that visit.
  • Saturday - My BFF LA will be in town! She is going to a wedding or something, but when her social commitment is complete, she will be hanging out with me and spending the night! I'm not sure what we are going to do, but it's always fun to hang out and catch up with my BFF.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have fun stuff planned for the week. Happy Spring!

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