Thursday, March 31, 2016

#1642 throwback Thursday: Saturday o'Fun

Back in 2006, MT had a job in which he worked the swing shift, so he would go to work in the late afternoon and return home sometime around or after midnight. When he got home, MT didn't go straight to because you usually don't go straight to bed when you finish work. You need time to unwind, maybe have a bite to eat and watch TV or a movie or something, so that's what he would do. Of course T and I would already be asleep, so it was a time of our not really interacting much with each other, except on the weekends.

On Saturday mornings, MT would want to sleep in, so T and I would go out on adventures that we called our "Saturday o'Fun". I would try to pick things for us to do that T would enjoy and that would get us out of the house for a few hours so MT could rest and then be civil to hang out with later in the day.

The photo I chose for this week's installment of Throwback Thursday is from March 2006. T and I went over to the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City. We went to a restaurant that had a big video game room. Here T is doing a skiing game. His body posture looks a bit uncomfortable, but he seems very intent on the game. I remember we played a bunch of games including some intense air hockey, then we wandered around the aquarium for awhile and ended up by the dancing fountain.

I liked Saturday o'Fun. We did some cool stuff and I'm glad to have those memories of hanging out with my little boy.

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