Monday, April 4, 2016

#1644 20 seconds of Madness

My goodness! I just finished watching the championship game of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. It was University of North Carolina Tarheels against the Villanova Wildcats. I confess that for most of the game, I half watched and listened while I was reading my book. Then, with about 20 seconds left, I saw a UNC player, Marcus Paige, shoot an improbable three pointer that went in to tie the game. Villanova took the ball out at the end of the court. Their speedy guard raced the ball up the court and passed it to his teammate Kris Jenkins who launched a three pointer as time was running out. SWISH. Villanova wins the championship. It was really about the best 30 seconds or so of basketball that I have ever seen with desperation back-to-back threes for the title.

To make it all just a little more dramatic and interesting, the winning shot was made my Kris Jenkins of Villanova. His brother, Nate Britt, plays for UNC. I was listening to an interview with those guys on the radio tonight before the game. They were talking about how the winner would have bragging rights in their family forever. Here's an article I found about them from USA Today. Not only will Kris have the bragging rights from the win, but also from making the game-winning shot. Their parents must feel proud for one kid and sad for the other at the same time.

I wasn't rooting for either team, I was hoping for a good game, and it was. Then to watch the trophy presentation and the net cutting and the One Shining Moment video. I love love love March Madness. How can I feel simultaneously joyously happy for one team that I know nothing about and absolutely devastated for the other team that I also know nothing about. Sports, man. There's nothing like it.

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