Saturday, June 4, 2016

#1689 blooming at RBG

I didn't volunteer at Red Butte Garden last week because my family was here for T's graduation. I did have the opportunity to take my mom and dad there on Memorial Day for a couple of hours in the afternoon. They didn't get to see all of the place, but I took my mom through the Children's Garden and through the terrace gardens while my dad enjoyed the breeze, the view and the scent of the herb garden from under the wisteria arbor. I was so glad to share RBG with them! It is such a beautiful and restorative place.

Today I decided to pull a "double" volunteer shift. I got there around 11AM to do the bloom recording in the Children's Garden. It took about 90 minutes. Then I took a quick walk through the garden to see what was blooming everywhere else, then did the docent gig for a couple of hours. There is a tram driver now on Saturday afternoon, so it was nice to have someone to talk to. The tram driver's name is Joanne and she's very nice.

It was an incredibly beautiful day and the garden was spectacular. The highlight for me today was the Dumke Floral Walk down to the rose garden. The roses are in full bloom. The scent of the air was sweet and fragrant. The colors were vivid. Every person I saw had a big smile on their face. The place is magic. In my brief time as a volunteer there, I have not yet been disappointed or felt like I was just putting in time. It's always special and ever-changing. I feel super-lucky to be able to spend time there.

I took a few photos to share. I encourage you to click on the photos for greater detail.

This view is from the wisteria arbor into the herb garden. I love how the white flowering bush looks like a patch of snow or a waterfall.

Look! New pine cones!

These beauties are on the Dumke Floral Walk. The purple flowers on that tree are gorgeous.

A view of the "hot wall" on the Dumke Floral Walk. I'm standing under the pear tree arbor. I love the different colors and textures.

A view of the Rose Garden.

The Red Garden is in full bloom!

Another view of the Rose Garden.

The Fragrance Garden.

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It looks like it changes from day to day :)