Friday, August 12, 2016

#1736 no juice for you

When my friend Kelsie was pregnant with her second child, she had gestational diabetes. Because of that, she had to take extra good care of herself and meet with a dietician that helped her along the way. One of the things the dietician told Kelsie was that she should absolutely not drink fruit juice.

The child is now five years old, but I still remember the dietician's warning about fruit juice.

What's funny about this is that Kelsie and I were chatting the other day about food and choices and losing weight. She said that the one thing that she absolutely remembered was the dietician and the fruit juice. She said that she knows that potato chips are a bad choice too, but she keeps eating those chips. No juice though!

When MT and I were on the cruise in January, we would sometimes drink pineapple juice and rum. I always felt bad about having the pineapple juice. The rum was fine, but that juice...I felt guilty about having it! :)

Isn't it crazy that I will continue to have cookies or chips or french fries or any other food that isn't strictly "healthy" but I am completely willing to live (mostly) without fruit juice? It's probably because juice was never a big part of my daily routine, so it is easy to say good-bye to. Better not get in between me and my french fries, though!

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