Tuesday, October 18, 2016

#1780 travel Tuesday - bon voyage

No, we are not going on a cruise, but my friend Justin and his family will be cruising soon.  They are going on a western Caribbean cruise that leaves from Orlando on Saturday.

I recommended my travel agent Candice to help Justin find the right cruise and get it booked. The funny thing is that since Justin booked the trip, he would regularly stop by my office and tell me that I should call Candice and book the cruise too. It was random and funny to me that he would make the suggestion. I told him there was no way that we would be on this cruise with his family, but he kept talking about it.

MT and I were in the western Caribbean in January, but we had different stops. In fact, I would say we were more northern Caribbean because we were in Cozumel, then over to Grand Cayman and Jamaica and the Bahamas. I think Justin is stopping in Cozumel or along the Riviera Maya, then Belize and the cruise company's island. Maybe another stop too. I hope they have a great time and nice weather!

Another friend of mine from work, Ty, has been in Italy, then on a cruise. He's on his way back to the States now. He and his wife have been taking three week long vacations for the past few years. They fly over to Italy and spend a few days in Venice or Rome, then get on a cruise ship, sail around the Mediterranean, then do the transatlantic crossing back to the States as the ship repositions itself for winter cruises in the Caribbean.  The first couple of weeks in Italy and sailing around Europe sounds fun. The repositioning portion of the trip doesn't sound appealing to me. Too many sea days! I can take one or maybe two, but a whole week on board with nothing but water all around? I would do a lot of reading, but I think I would get bored of just looking at water. Ty loves it though. It's very relaxing for him.

My next vacation will be to New Orleans for a birthday celebration with my sister. This time next month, Lizzie and I will be in the Big Easy! Let the research for "must-do" things to see (and eat!) begin. I'm excited!

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