Sunday, November 27, 2016

#1802 still here

I haven't been doing such a good job of writing lately. Let's see, what's been going on?

Lizzie left early this morning in what I can only say feels like a completely different day from right now. We were together for about 10 days and it was so fun to hang out with her! I was sorry to see her leave, but I'm happy that I'll see her again in just a few weeks for Christmas.

Yesterday was Saturday. We met my BFF LA and her family for lunch at a fun restaurant, The Porcupine Grill. It was great to see LA and her husband and especially their son Caz. I've known Caz since he was in utero and it's wonderful to see what a smart, cool man he has become. Lizzie hadn't seen Caz since he was a baby. How time flies!

On Friday we ran a couple of errands in the morning, then we settled in to binge watch the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. I binge watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls starting last winter, I think, and I finished up this year. Lizzie loved GG and was the one who turned me on to it. It was fun to watch the revival with her.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I don't think we left the house. The day was filled with cooking and snacking and a nice dinner in the evening when T got home from work. MT, Lizzie and I watched the original Star Wars trilogy plus the latest Star Wars film. It was all awesome.

Now you're caught up with my activities over the holiday weekend. Did I mention how much I loved hanging out with my sister over the past week and a half? We had a great time!

Tonight I have been downloading all my photos from the New Orleans vacation. Looking back through all the pics made me happy and excited to tell you more about the trip. I'll be sharing photos soon!

It's time for me to wind down and finish up some laundry before I go to bed. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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