Monday, February 6, 2017

#1821 three weeks post surgery

I haven't been writing often because really the only thing going on with me right now is recovering from the knee surgery. The days pretty much run together as I follow the same routine which goes something like this:

Wake up, shower (or not) get dressed, etc
Do some PT stretches followed by ice
Watch a movie or TV or read
Repeat last two steps
Go to bed

Last week I started my out patient physical therapy. I had two sessions with lovely Paul. I thought they went well. I'm meeting with him again today in about an hour. The thing that will be different about this session is that I will drive myself. Over the weekend I weaned myself off the heavy pain-killers and now all I'm taking is Tylenol. YAY! Because I'm not taking the narcotics doesn't mean I don't have pain, but it is very tolerable, especially compared to what I've lived with for so many years. I will say that on Saturday, I did not have any pain at all during the day. It was wonderful and strange. I can definitely get used to it!

I tend to have some pain at night when I'm in bed. I might have talked about this before. My body is all relaxed so it's easier to notice and identify the pain coming from my knee. I usually can shift positions and get comfortable and get back to sleep pretty quickly. I've been sleeping a lot and I think it helps in recovery.

Before the surgery I spent a weekend preparing meals for the freezer that we could dump in the slow cooker. We have been eating those meals and they have been very good. I'm really glad I took the time to prep those meals. It has saved us a lot of money and is hassle free. MT just has to remember to pull the meal out of the freezer in the morning, then I can dump it in the slow cooker in the late morning. There's always enough for leftovers, too, so lunch is taken care of.

My appetite hasn't been what it was prior to surgery. I think it is the effect of the medications. When I had the right knee done, we ate out a lot and I gained weight. This time around, I have lost weight during the past three weeks. I think the weight loss is a combo of the meds, lack of appetite and eating at home instead of having take out so often. I'll keep you posted on my progress there. I'm thinking about going to weigh in at WW on Saturday.

Time to get ready for PT. I'll let you know how the driving goes :)

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