Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#1842 three things: out to dinner, vacation plans and sold!

Here are three things that are fun!

1. Dinner with J.D. Last night I didn't write because we were socializing with my brother-in-law. J.D. is MT's stepbrother. He lives in Boise and was in SLC to meet with his surgeon prior to back surgery. Since it's a long ten hour drive from Boise, J.D. came in yesterday since his appointment was this morning. It was good to see him and to chat. It's funny because I met J.D. at ISU a year or so before I met MT or Kevin. Another funny thing is that J.D. married a lady who lived right across the hall from me in the dorm my freshman and sophomore years. Small world! J.D. ran for the Idaho House of Representatives as a Democrat in one of the reddest states in the union. He didn't win (his opponent was the Republican incumbent), but he made a good showing. It was interesting to hear him talk about campaigning. I enjoyed the evening very much.

2. Vacation plans. It is Travel Tuesday, so why not talk about vacation? For the past few years, MT and his brother Kevin have been talking about renting a giant house along the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I have been lukewarm on the idea until I asked Lizzie if she would like to come and she said yes. I got significantly more interested in the plan after that! Last night MT, Kevin, Janet and I had a conference call to talk it over and pick out a place. We chose an enormous "cottage" outside of Corolla, NC that has eight bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, a pool, a game room, a beautiful kitchen and sits right on the beach. We have contacted the owner and the place is available the week we want to go in September. I think we are going to move ahead with the plan. More later as details become available.

3. Sold! MT's latest house flip project is completed. He put the house up for sale on Friday afternoon and last night we got two offers on it. We accepted the full price offer. HOORAY!! The house turned out beautifully. I will post some before and after photos here in the coming days. Needless to say, we are thrilled and excited with the pending sale. MT is living his dream.

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