Friday, June 2, 2017

#1873 foodie Friday: Savannah

I have finally downloaded all my photos from the weekend in Savannah! Seeing the photos took me right back there, y'all. :)

Since it's Friday and I like to write about food on Friday, I've got some photos of some of the food I had while I was in Savannah. I don't think I had a bad meal while I was there. Everything was great. of course, when you're walking around as much as we did, you tend to work up an appetite, too.

Let's go on a culinary tour of some of my meals:

This is the first meal I had in the Savannah area. We were on Tybee Island and had lunch at the Tybee Island  Social Club. The dish I had, the manchego skillet, was on the appetizer menu, but I made it my meal. It was melted manchego cheese with garlic and blue crab that I spooned onto toasted baguette slices. There was so much crab in the dip, it was very filling and super tasty. I paired it with a very nice local beer and it was a wonderful way to start the vacation.

That evening, after wandering down River Street, Lizzie spotted a little bistro that was nice on the outside and really nice on the inside called b Matthews Eatery. Lizzie and I shared their flight of cocktails. Of course some were better than others. The one on the left end was bacon infused bourbon. Kinda different, kinda weird.

For dinner I went off the appetizer menu again and chose the charcuterie. It is basically a sampler of meats and cheeses served with some bread and assorted condiments.The whole grain mustard was terrific on the sausage. I also had a Caesar salad with this.

The next day was Friday. We walked around all day. I'd purchased a walking tour book that had two separate tours in it. We started out by our house and worked our way to River Street where we had lunch at Cafe M. It is a super cute little French bistro on Bay Street. I found it when I was doing a bit of research on good places to eat in Savannah. It did not disappoint, either in atmosphere or food. I had the Parisian sandwich - very simple with a beautiful baguette, ham, Swiss cheese and salted butter. It was served with sweet potato chips. Delicious!

After lunch we did the second walk from the guide book. Lizzie worked a little magic so we would start on  Bay Street and work our way back toward our house. Along the way, we stopped for a treat at Leopold's Ice Cream. I think it might be a rule that you have to go there when you're in town. I'm not much of an ice cream fan, but it was a hot day, I had read about Leopold's and it was on my list. I was not disappointed. I had the honey almond and cream. The ice cream was so rich and creamy and good...I might have been tempted to go there again, but we didn't.

For dinner that night we went to  Green Truck Pub. It is not in the historic district and we drove there, but it wasn't very far from our house - only about 10 minutes or so. The pub serves up really delicious burgers and beers. I didn't take a photo, but I have to tell you that if you are ever in Savannah, this place is worth your time. That was a damn good burger.

On Saturday we started the day at the Forsyth Park Farmer's Market where we indulged in a cheese danish from one of the stands. There's nothing like jamming a giant pastry in your face in a park on a Saturday morning. I wish I could do it again. So good! For lunch that day we went to The Public Kitchen and Bar. I was unadventurous and had the French dip sandwich which was delicious but paled in comparison to Lizzie's shrimp and grits. I felt like I let myself down right there and was kind of bummed out.

That night we went on a ghost tour pub crawl which was totally fun and I highly recommend it. You can carry open containers as long as you are below Jones Street and fortunately all four bars we went to were below Jones St. We started out at a bar/restaurant on Bay Street called Tondee's Tavern. While we were waiting for our tour group to arrive, we chatted with some people who were having dinner at the bar. The lady was having some of the best looking chicken fingers we'd ever seen, so it was a no-brainer to go back to Tondee's for food after the tour. No photos of the chicken fingers, but let me tell you they tasted as good as they looked. We had leftovers and we took them home, then had them for breakfast on our way to Charleston the next day.

We did not plan our time in Charleston very well. We should have had some lunch then wandered around, but we wandered around until we were both super hungry and it was 4:00. Most of the restaurants shut down between 3 and 5, so we got some Hot Little Biscuits from the shop at City Market and enjoyed the heck right out of those biscuits. It was a delicious snack and tided us over until we got back to Savannah.

For dinner that night (Sunday) we went to Crystal Beer Parlor. Apparently it is another Savannah tradition because it's been around a long time. I finally had shrimp and grits! I liked it a lot. I had a giant mound of grits which I could not finish, but I put a good dent in the bowl. The creamy tomato gravy was really good. And the locally caught shrimp were amazing.

For our final meal in Savannah on Monday morning, we went to another well known Savannah dining institution, Clary's Cafe. If you've read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the author had breakfast at Clary's regularly and met some interesting people in there. I would say that of all the meals I had in Savannah, the breakfast was the least wonderful, but the pancakes were good. Lizzie had the seafood omelette and she liked it a lot.

We had very good meals in Savannah. Not only was the food nice, but the service at every place we went to was phenomenal. The friendliness and overall pleasantness of the people was a high point of the trip for me. I had a great time in Savannah!

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