Sunday, August 12, 2012

#747 Surgery Eve

I'm not going to lie to you...I've been nervous and cranky and emotionally unsteady all day long. If I didn't keep my cranky meter on high, I probably would have just wept without end. I've been a little hard on T and MT, but just as soon as I say something bitchy, I apologize and get teary. Ugh! My stomach is a mess, all knots and butterflies. My shoulders and back are extremely tense, even though I had a nice massage yesterday. I have a tremendous headache from trying not to obsess about what is going to happen tomorrow.

I'm going in for my joint replacement surgery in the morning.

It's the right thing and probably the ONLY thing that will cure the nearly intolerable pain I have in my knee. Still, it's a big surgery and a big recovery and I'm nervous about it all. This weekend seemed to fly by no matter how hard I tried to slow down time.

Ok, well now I'm going to go throw some stuff in a bag for my hospital stay. I welcome your kind wishes and good vibes. I'll try to check in on Tuesday, if my busy schedule permits :)

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mamacita said...

Millions of prayers and good vibes coming your way!!!!