Friday, August 10, 2012

#746 all about T (mostly)

MT's alarm goes off at 4 AM, and usually I sleep through it, but not today. I didn't sleep well anyway last night, so I wasn't surprised when the alarm woke me up. I tried to fall back to sleep, but when MT saw that I was sort of awake, he started chatting with me about a couple of houses he had looked at on Thursday night. Finally, I decided I would just get up and go over to the gym for a little walk.

When I passed T's room, I saw that he was playing with his phone or iPod, texting or tweeting or something. I asked him why he wasn't asleep (he also had trouble sleeping last night), so I jokingly asked him if he wanted to come to the gym to release some energy. He's been sitting home for days playing video games, going to bed really late/really early in the morning. Maybe a little physical activity would wear him out. I was pretty sure he would say no and go to sleep; instead, he tapped on the bathroom door while I was brushing my teeth and said he'd come along.

He was funny, I think because he'd been up for so long and he was a little rummy. He commented on how peaceful it was and how it was nice and warm but not too hot because the sun wasn't out. Then he thought we were going to walk on the outside track around the gym which was totally dark and he thought I was nuts. (We don't walk there in the dark!) When we got into the gym, he was amazed by how few people there were. He talked about the traffic patterns on the walking track - one direction on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; the opposite direction on the remaining days.

He walked with me for awhile, but I'm pretty slow, so he decided to run. He passed me twice while I was on the same lap, then walked along panting beside me. Then he ran around some more. Then he decided to run on a treadmill for awhile. We were there for about 45 minutes or so, and I think he enjoyed it. He was talking about getting over there a few times a week during school to help him wake up and get his mind right for school. We'll see how that goes. I sure didn't call the gym and get him added to my pass yet.

It was fun to have someone else there with me, even if we weren't together the whole time.

When we got home, I got in the shower and he crawled into bed, dead to the world. I tried to call him around noon to get him up, but no response. He woke up just after 1:30. Oh to be a carefree teenager!

Tonight the three of us went to see "The Bourne Legacy." Jeremy Renner is the star. You know, he's not super good-looking, but there is something about him that I really like. I thought he was very good in the last "Mission: Impossible" movie, and of course, he was in "The Avengers." He was the one with the bow and arrow, Hawkeye.

My thoughts on the latest "Bourne" movie: I think T said it best. It's basically a chase-scene movie with some kick-ass fight scenes every now and then. The parts where the people in the CIA or whatever are trying to track him down and pretty boring, but just about every scene with Jeremy Renner are good. Rachel Weisz is in it, too and I really like her.

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