Sunday, August 19, 2012

#750 staying busy, dealing with pain and eating lots of Greek food

Oops! I meant to write yesterday, but the day slipped away. Between making sure I'm monitoring my pain and taking the appropriate amount of medicine, to doing the physical therapy stretches to spending quality time in the CPM machine and at times fighting nausea caused by the pain meds, the day goes by pretty fast.

Yesterday wasn't very good. I think I took too much pain medication early in the day and I was nauseous and dizzy and tired. I got better by the end of the day and thought I was good at bedtime. I took a couple of pills before bed because it can be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position and having the pain meds on board seems to make it easier to handle.

I woke up around 2:30 AM and I was hurting. I took a couple more pills (the requisite four hours had passed, so I was good), but the pain was far enough along that the 30 - 45 minutes it takes for the pills to get to work was just too long. I whimpered and sat up and tried to read, but there was no comfort. Finally, MT got tired of my noises and went down to get the magical ice pack. There's a lot of swelling around the knee and the ice pack really makes everything better. I finally calmed down and fell asleep around 3:30.

Today I've been very careful about watching my pain. I've also been outside for a couple of short walks up the street with T and MT. I've done my stretches. I've done two two-hour stints in the CPM (one more to go!) I feel pretty good. Pain level is moderate - around a five, which was the goal at the hospital. Actually, right at this minute, I'm probably closer to a six because I just finished the CPM and it's been nearly five and a half hours since my last pill.

Funny story:  The company I work for was very generous to send over some dinner for us last night. We decided that we would like to have Greek food, so we sent in our order and were looking forward to a nice meal. The funny part is that the delivery company has a minimum order requirement of $100 that I didn't know or see on the website. In order to meet the minimum, my friend who was handling the transaction went ahead and doubled our order and threw in a couple of other things to make the total $100. We had ten orders of Greek food strewn across our dining room table. We tried to give some to the neighbors, but one wasn't home and the other doesn't care for Greek food. Suffice it to say that we had a nice Greek meal last night, a nice Greek meal at lunch, and I daresay that we will be having a nice Greek dinner again tonight! Good thing we like souvlaki!

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