Thursday, November 1, 2012

#794 I graduated!

Happy November, everyone! This month has traditionally been National Blog Posting Month with a challenge to post something every day. I've been trying to post every day about every other month this year because it keeps me from being lazy when I give myself a little challenge like that. I think I'm up for the challenge this month!

Tonight was my last night at physical therapy. That doesn't mean I am done rehabbing the knee, but I won't have to go to the clinic and work with Lance, Alan and Eric anymore (unless I really want to). Lance has determined that I can continue on my own. He says I can go to the gym and do just about anything. He wants me to continue to get stronger, but my mobility is good. My final measurement tonight was 128 degrees! YAHOO!

There is such a huge difference between my first visit there at the end of August and my last visit tonight. I can walk up and down the stairs like a normal person, one foot after the other. I can even go up and down stairs without holding on to the rail if I have to. I can sit cross-legged. I can get in and out of the car or the truck without difficulty. I sleep like a rock. My knee doesn't ache and grind. My balance is much better - not as good as before the surgery, but definitely better than at the end of August. I still have work to do, but I'm going to be ok.

Lance and Alan gave me a little graduation gift: a water bottle and a t-shirt with the clinic's logo on it, saluted me, shook my hand and sent me on my way. I'll miss those guys. They were awesome and really helpful.

That's all I've got for today. I'm going to go eat some soup and flop down on the couch to watch a little TV.

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Kteach said...

Congratulations, you did great! :)