Sunday, November 4, 2012

#797 another weekend has come and gone

We all did the "fall back" thing today and I've been confused and tired most of the day. Now it's 8:30, which used to be 9:30 yesterday, and I am ready to get ready for bed. But first...words.

Wednesday was Halloween and it was also the day that MT and I expanded our real estate empire. That's right - we took on another mortgage on another property that needs a LOT of work in order to be livable. The new place is a duplex, or as we like to call it, a single family home with a two-bedroom mother-in-law apartment with a separate entrance. The good news is that we already have a tenant for the upstairs part of the house, and the rent he pays will cover the payment while MT renovates the downstairs unit. That is quite a luxury for us because usually we just have to cover the mortgage while the renovations are being done. MT has already made an agreement with the tenant, Gary, to move downstairs when the renovations there are complete so MT can renovate the upstairs. Gary has lived there for years, and he seems happy that the place will be fixed up. MT always does a really nice job on the renovations. It's wonderful that he can do pretty much everything himself.

This weekend MT spent most of his time over at the Buccaneer house. That's the name of the street it's on. It's right across from T's future high school.

For me, the weekend flew by! Yesterday I went to the gym in the late morning - I slept in a little - and in the afternoon I went through all my clothes. I got rid of some that I don't wear anymore, then I put all my summer-y things away and brought out all my sweaters. As sad as I was to put the summer clothes away, I was kind of glad to do it because I was pretty tired of all of them. I wasn't all that thrilled with my sweaters, though. I think it would be fun to go buy a few new things to brighten up the old wardrobe.

Today I took T to buy some new shoes. He's trying out for the basketball team tomorrow (fingers crossed! hope he makes it!) and he wanted/needed some new court shoes. He got himself a pair of "sexy" Nikes. (His term.) I'm frankly surprised he doesn't have them on right now.

Tonight I watched my most favorite show, Once Upon a Time. I think that if you just sat down to watch a random episode, you might not understand what is going on and give up on it, unless you just stayed watching because the people are very attractive. There's a new character this season, Captain Hook, and he's extremely good looking.

Yeah, there's a lot of guyliner there, but he's pretty yummy...dark hair, blue likey!

All right, that's all I've got for tonight. Be good, be safe and be kind :)

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Kteach said...

Norbert told me to give you and Marty a high five for purchasing more real estate :)