Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#800 an unusual night

Wow! 800 posts! Crazy! Sometimes I wonder why I still do it. Mostly, I do it because I like to write. I try to write something every day, whether it's here or in my journal.

It's an unusual night at my house. T is not here right now. He went with his friend Ben to watch another friend, Lucas, perform in a play. Lucas used to go to the same school as Ben and T, but he transferred to a different school so he could play water polo. They will all go to the same high school, though. Lucas is a talented singer and actor. T has been looking forward to watching Lucas' performance.

MT is home tonight. He had quite a bit of dental work done today and didn't feel well after it was done. In fact, it all didn't even get done because he was bleeding so profusely that the dentist sent him away and told him to go back in a few hours. He did go back, but they still couldn't finish because he was still bleeding. He will try again tomorrow and hopefully they will be able to finish the procedure. I can't even tell you everything he's having done. It involves a post and lots of stitches and quite a bit of money.

I worked a little bit late tonight. I was doing a project and wanted to wrap it up. I thought I was done, but discovered a discrepancy in the numbers, so I'll have to finish it up tomorrow. Oh well.

Tonight the Jazz are playing the Lakers, so I am going to flop down on my big chair, put my feet up, grab a blanket and relax to watch the game. I decided to write early because if the game goes a little late, I won't have time to write, and that wouldn't be ok with me. That 10:00 bedtime I instituted earlier this week is already sacred to me.

Go Jazz!

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Kteach said...

Poor guy, how is he feeling? I know dentists are people lol but why they have to hurt so much always!!!