Monday, November 12, 2012

#805 TSA and my new knee

Hello from Lathrop, CA.  It's a little town just south of Stockton.

It's been a long day. Because I am a nut-case, I get to the airport waaaay early. I hate to have to hurry, so I'd rather sit around a little. It's pretty easy to entertain myself with my beloved iPhone or a book or a puzzle, so it's no big deal for me to relax.

This is the first time I've traveled with my new knee and I was concerned about going through security. I'd asked the doctor about it and he said the security people would probably ask to see the scar, so I made sure to wear pants that I can easily pull up to show off that big scar. When I got up to the security screen thing, I told the agent that I had a knee joint replacement. He told me to get into the screening machine. In Salt Lake, we have the screening machine that sees through your clothes so a security agent that is in a room somewhere can see you naked, sort of.

Of course, the agent told me to stand off to the side and I was all prepared to pull up my pant leg, but she told me not to. See, the pants that I was wearing have a little metal button on the sides because you can roll up the pants and button them and they become capris. The security lady explained to me like I was three years old, "We are only concerned with what is outside your skin, not in what is under your skin." I felt like a dumb-ass.

Now watch. I'll wear jeans on the flight home and the TSA will want me to show them the scar because they don't have a scanning machine in Sacramenton and I'll have to drop my pants because I can't get the jeans up over my leg to show the scar! (Boot-cut jeans = loose around the boot area, fitted around the knee.)  hahaha I'll just wear the pants I wore today on the flight home.

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