Sunday, November 11, 2012

#804 work trippin'

Tomorrow I am heading to northern California for work. I'll spend part of the week in Stockton and part of the week in Sacramento for two separate, but related, training sessions. Usually when I travel, I'm alone, but not this time! Tomorrow I'll be traveling with three ladies from my office and I'm pretty happy about it. It will be nice to be with people I know. I'm not very good at socializing, so it will be nice for me to hang out with these three friends.

The three friends will get to come home on Wednesday night, but the second part of my training starts on Wednesday afternoon. I will know people at the second training, but no one specifically to hang out with. That's ok. I'll probably need to use all of my powers of paying attention so I can learn what I need to learn the second part of the week. I'll fly home on Friday night.

It's hard to pack for a week away from home! I packed a pair of shorts and a few t-shirts so I can hit the fitness center at the hotel to keep my knees moving. That means I have to pack a pair of sneakers. I packed work clothes for five days, too. My bag is full. I like to pack my computer cables in my suitcase because that stuff is bulky and my computer bag is pretty small.

I don't mind traveling for work, but at the same time, I hate leaving MT and T. MT has changed his hours at work so he'll be home at night with T and that's good. Still, T has to get up and get himself moving and to school on time. He's a big kid and I know he can do it, but he's still my baby and I worry.

In other news, we had quite the snowstorm this weekend. It snowed most of the day on Friday and Saturday. No snow today, though, thankfully, and the roads were clear. The sun came out, but it certainly wasn't warm enough to melt the snow in the yard. We have several inches. It's supposed to be cold and clear here next week. In the part of California where I will be, the weather will be in the mid-sixties and sunny.

That's all I've got for tonight. I'll look forward to checking in with you from lovely Stockton tomorrow.

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Kteach said...

I know your boys will miss you, and you them. But enjoy the change of pace, once in a while is good to do something different :)
Love you!