Saturday, November 10, 2012

#803 family night at the movies - Skyfall

Saturday night = movie night (quite often) for our little family and tonight was no exception. We have been looking forward to seeing the new James Bond movie, Skyfall,  for awhile, and we were glad that the wait is over.

I think MT has seen most of the Bond movies. T has seen a bunch and I have seen some. I've seen all of the Bond movies starring Daniel Craig. I think he's really great as James Bond. He's kind of hot, too. Who can forget those teeny little blue swim trunks in Casino Royale? That's not the only reason I liked Casino Royale, though. I liked the action and the story and pretty much everything about it.

None of us liked the second installment of the Daniel Craig/James Bond films. Quantum of Solace just wasn't very good. MT and I saw it in the theater when it came out, and neither of us thought it was worthy. T hadn't seen it, so we got it from Netflix and watched it today. T got bored and fell asleep, but I stayed awake and tried to follow along, but it was confusing and just not enjoyable. It's a good thing that Bond movies each stand alone. You don't have to see them all to enjoy the next one.

Enter Skyfall. We all thought it was really good! The obligatory chase scene at the beginning was good and action-y. There was a lot of M, which I like because she's cool.  There is a great new Q. The villain is fantastic. Bond is still a bad-ass.

We all agreed that we will be happy to add Skyfall to our video collection. Happy 50 years, James Bond!


emtes said...

Glad you liked it and so nice you like the same movies! Here's it's a hard time to choose movie to go to. Hasse want one thing, Emil another and so on :-)
One of the villains in Skyfall is Swedish - Ola Rapace - I don't know what character he plays but they say he's good. Quite good looking as well ;-)
Do you know who I mean?
Take care and have a great Sunday. Love you <3

Kteach said...

and of couyrse, the villain, is Spanish , very international film :)

Sandy said...

Mia - I looked up the Swedish villain and I recognized him, although I didn't know he was Swedish. He was in a great chase scene.

Mom, yes the main villain is Spanish - Javier Bardem- and damn, he's creepy in the movie!