Sunday, January 6, 2013

#838 soup on Sunday - tomato soup

It has been unbelievably, bone-chillingly cold here so far this month. An inversion has settled in over our fair valley, leaving the skies a dreary gray and keeping all the cold air trapped under the haze. We are lucky if the temperature reaches the mid-20s. At night, single digit temps are the norm. It's frigid.

When it's cold like that, I crave comfort food. (Well, let's be honest. I pretty much always crave comfort food, thus my battle with my weight. But that's another story.) Like I was saying, I crave comfort food. Last week I made chicken and dumplings. It was amazing and delicious. What would I make this week?

One of my resolutions this year was to actually utilize what I pin on Pinterest. I repin a lot of recipes, so I knew that I had some good soup recipes I could choose from. Soup isn't what caught my eye, though. The first thing I saw was this pasta dish from The Pioneer Woman. Then I saw a pin for ham and cheese rolled up in a crescent roll and I had to have that. And wouldn't tomato soup be a good accompaniment? I didn't have any tomato soup pins, but I thought The Pioneer Woman might. She did! I read the recipe, thought it sounded good, thought I could make it, jotted down the ingredients and went to the store.

You may be asking, "Who is the Pioneer Woman?" She's this clever lady who has a blog and a show on Food Network and at least one cookbook and she might be my new favorite person. Her tomato soup was delicious and I'm looking forward to trying out that pasta recipe, too.

So tonight we had ham & cheese roll-ups and tomato soup. Sound comforting enough? My was so good! I should have taken a picture of my plate, but I was hungry and it smelled so tantalizing, I didn't even take a second to snap a shot. I'll just have to post the pics from Pinterest:

The rollups are super-easy. Take the crescent rolls and separate them onto a big cookie sheet, all spread out. Put half a slice of Swiss cheese and half a slice of deli ham on the dough, then roll it up from the wide side to the point. You'll have eight crescents. Bake them for 8 - 10 minutes. Enjoy the cheesy deliciousness.

The soup is really easy and came together very quickly. Click here to go straight to the source on how to make it.

Ok, that's all I have for tonight, but I have stories to tell. Don't let me forget to write about the pickle incident and the feelings of calf envy that I am experiencing.

Good night! Be good! Be safe! Be happy!