Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#840 my new toy

Guess what! I am writing tonight on the newest addition to my electronic devices - a Chromebook! It's so cute and little :) It only weighs about two and a half pounds. It's basically a laptop. I thought about getting an iPad or an iPad mini, but I want to play my stupid FB games on my new toy and I can't play the games on the iPad. I tried the games in the store and I think I'll be ok. I will probably get a mouse because it's easier to play the games with a mouse. Another thing that sold me on the Chromebook was that there is a keyboard. I'm much faster typing on the keyboard than on the screen. AND the Chromebook is quite inexpensive - only $249.

Anyway, I'm excited! I think it will be nice to look up recipes on the Chromebook instead of squinting at my beloved iPhone. It's so lightweight that it will be easy to take along when we go on a trip. I'm pretty sure there are many things that I will be able to do with it. It will be fun to explore the options.

I got my hair cut today, as I told you. I like the way it looks. Lanna, my stylist, fixed it really cute by using a round brush. I have no skill with a round brush, so I'm doubtful it will look like it does today tomorrow when I have to use my own meager skills to fix it.

That's all I've got for tonight. Take care!


Kteach said...

Take a picture of your hair when you can. BTW, any mail?

emtes said...

Do you have a photo of your new hairdo? I would love to see it.