Sunday, October 20, 2013

#1030 living a simple life

Hi again. The days just seem to melt together until I can barely tell one from another. I last wrote on the 14th, which was Monday if I'm not mistaken. Now it's Sunday night already.


On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the Jazz game, just by myself.. There was a single ticket available in the suite - the business group had the suite that night - so of course I took the ticket. I won't pass up an opportunity to see the Jazz. Plus it wasn't like I was alone; there were 17 people that I know in the suite. The game was much better than the one T and I saw the Saturday before.

T was out of school on Thursday and Friday for fall break. On Thursday, he went with some friends to Lagoon and spent the whole day there. Lagoon is having their "Frightmares", so the kids had a lot of fun. (Lagoon is an amusement park here.)

I took the day off work on Friday. I really needed it. It's the time of year when I am getting a little burned out - it's been a long summer! I slept in a little, and just chilled out all day. I read a book. I had started it earlier in the week, but I read most of it on Friday. MT and I talked about going to see a movie, but I didn't really go out too much that day.

T and his friend Trent painted T's room on Friday. They left one wall blue, but painted the other three white. After Trent left, T continued to work on it and worked on it all day Saturday, too. MT and I did go see a movie on Saturday and T didn't even come with us because he really wanted to get his room done. He got all the furniture moved back in and rearranged. MT hung the TV on the wall and it all looks great. T worked so hard on it. I didn't paint at all; MT did some work on the corner, but he didn't do any big painting. It was all T and Trent.

MT and I went to see the Tom Hanks movie "Captain Phillips".  We both enjoyed it. Tom Hanks is a good actor. What a situation. I almost felt sorry for the Somali pirates. From the first scene of Somalia in the movie, it doesn't seem like the pirates have much of a choice in life but to be a pirate. Then when the U.S. Navy gets involved, there's not much good that comes to the pirates from that. Good movie.

Today has been pretty mellow, too. I haven't done too much, just a little puttering here and there, so it's been good.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I'll check back on Tuesday :)

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