Monday, November 25, 2013

#1059 I'm wiped out

Oh my gosh...I am sooooooo tired. Around 7pm I thought for sure I would not be able to get up from the table to do anything. I have roused myself a bit and threw in a load of laundry and did some paperwork.

MT isn't feeling well today. It seems he has a cold. I suggested that he sleep in the guest room, but he said NO, so I guess I will sleep in there tonight. I prefer my own bed, but I guess he does, too. I just don't want those germs. I've got enough problems. At least my stomach seems to have settled, thankfully.

I took T to the doctor this afternoon. He has been having really bad bloody noses for the past little while. we finally decided we should see the doctor just to make sure there wasn't anything really bad going on. The doctor said that he should not pick his nose (LOL) and that bloody noses are pretty common here because it is so dry. The doc recommended that T put a little Neosporin inside his nostrils to keep the blood vessels in there from drying out so much. Doctor M didn't seem overly concerned about it at this point, but said that if the bloody noses continue, then we should come back and he would do a blood test to make sure the blood count looked normal.

After the appointment, we went over to the mall so I could pick up a couple of Christmas presents. T is quite the browser, and we were at the mall a bit longer than I planned. It was fun and interesting though. T gave me lots of ideas for Christmas gifts that he would like. We also went to Target (had to get some Neosporin!) and we browsed the movie section for a long time. T walked out with four new movies that he paid for.

Now there is about five minutes left in the Jazz game, and although the Jazz have lead the entire game, their lead now is only one point. Should I stay up to see if they can win their second game of the season, or should I just get the update on my phone and go to bed? You know five basketball minutes can last for ten or fifteen real minutes.

Hmm...decisions decisions.

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Kteach said...

YAY Jazz!
And you all take care and get well :)