Monday, December 2, 2013

#1065 happy December!

Why do I have the feeling that December is going to fly by in a blur? Thanksgiving was so late this year, I only have three weekends in which to complete my Christmas shopping. Less than that, really, because I have to allow time for package shipment to California. I think I will be able to make a big dent in the shopping I want to do this weekend.

Christmas is on Wednesday this year. That may be my least favorite day of the week for a holiday to fall on. My favorite is if the holiday is on Tuesday or Thursday because then you can squeak out a little extra holiday time from the company, sometimes. I'm hoping that I'll be off this year from the 24th through the first and go back to work on the second. I think that will be just lovely! We'll see how that works out.

Last night I downloaded all my Christmas music onto my iPods. That made me feel happy, but a little gypped because of the afore-mentioned shortened Christmas music listening time due to the lateness of Thanksgiving. Oh well. I made good use of the time today! Songza has an excellent assortment of Christmas music, and I enjoyed their playlist for a couple of hours.

My very most favorite Christmas CD is Michael Buble Christmas. Such a great CD! He has a nice, croon-y voice.

Another favorite thing to do is watch Christmas movies. I have a big list of movies I want to watch this season. Frankly, I'll be lucky to watch two or three. There always seems to be something to do or something else to watch instead of the movies. I'll try to definitely see Love Actually, White Christmas and something else to be named.  I have a confession: sometimes, when I'm at work and I'm really busy, my mind will blank out for a minute and I will think, "If I was home right now, I would definitely be watching _____________." (Fill in a movie in the blank.) I think about the movie for a minute or two, then get back to my work. It's a dumb thing, but it's a good brain relaxer.

One more thing before I go...I just want to mention that my favorite Utah Jazz did something tonight that they have not done this entire season: they won their second consecutive game! That's four wins now! Like I mentioned before, wins are hard to come by this season, so every win is worth noting. :)

It appears that a storm will be rolling in tonight, so I'll probably be looking at a sloppy commute in the morning. Snow and cold weather is certainly my least favorite thing about living in the intermountain west. Oh well.

Good night!

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