Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#1085 kitchen reno day 2 PLUS Jazz win!

First of all, do you like the new blog layout? I was ready for a little change. I think it's kind of fun and funky.

Today MT built new counter tops. He hasn't put the formica on yet, but I know he has purchased the sheets. I'm not sure what the steps are in the process, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes together. He also took out our kitchen sink. It's weird to think there is no water available downstairs. Normally I keep a pitcher of water filled up in the fridge, but I think it will be a bit inconvenient to fill the pitcher from the bathtub faucet. I think I'll buy some bottled water to tide us over.

The counter closest to the camera used to be rounded, but MT didn't like that. It looks like he's just going to square it off, so it will be a little shorter. That's fine. See the hole under the window where the sink used to be?

Can't wait to see what will be different tomorrow!


For Christmas this year, I bought a holiday pack of Jazz tickets for me and T. I got a pair of tickets to three games in January. It was a good deal, but the seats are up near the top of the arena. Still, it's fun to go to the games in person because it's fun to be around the other fans and to cheer and get excited.

Tonight was the first game we chose. The Oklahoma City Thunder were in town. The Thunder are probably my favorite team after the Jazz because I really like Kevin Durant. He is such a great player. He dropped 48 points on the Jazz tonight, but the Jazz ended up winning the game 112 - 101!! YAY! That's 12 wins for the Jazz this season. OKC is really good. They have only lost eight games this season, so it was a pretty great win for our guys!

The next game T and I will go to is on Friday when the Jazz take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. We chose that game because we like to see good players and Cleveland has a guard named Kyrie Irving that I'd like to see. He's good. I hope he's not injured.

Here's what the court looks like from near the top of Energy Solutions Arena. Seriously, we were in row 20 of 22 rows. It was the tippy-top of the arena. Good thing the Jazz have a ginormous video screen. I watched a lot of the game on the screen. When you sit up that high, you can really see the movement of the players on the floor and see the plays develop. It can be a little challenging to know which player is which (at least on the other team), but it's fun to see that movement.

See ya tomorrow!

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