Sunday, January 19, 2014

#1096 the kitchen is done!

Yay! The three of us are really happy with the way the kitchen turned out. MT did the things we originally wanted and I think it looks great. He says that he will paint the cabinets eventually, and I think that will look nice, too.

My curtain choice is kind of weird. They are black. They are kind of startling, but I like them, too. I like the tab tops. I'll have them for a couple of days and decide for sure if they are what I want. I think it will be ok. They open up nice and easy so we can let good light in. Plus they are not really heavy; you can kind of see through them already.

You see that red dot on the top one and the red splotch in the upper right corner of the curtains? That red lights comes from the sign at greenhouse across the street. It's kind of annoying, but we are used to it. What I hate the most is that their clock is like, 10 minutes fast.

Just for contrast, here's what the kitchen looked like before:

Yeah, I like the new look better.

Now to get the house back into shape, then we'll find a new project to work on. It probably won't be so intensive or expensive. Maybe some new drapes in the front room or in T's room. Gotta clean out a few closets, too.

One more thing before I sign off tonight:

Both teams I wanted to win today took care of business and will meet in the Superbowl in a couple of weeks! Good job Broncos and Seahawks! I like both of those teams, but there can only be one winner and I hope the Broncos win it all. I've always liked Peyton Manning :)

Hope you all had a fun weekend. If you don't have to work tomorrow (Martin Luther King Jr day), enjoy your day off.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Love the backsplash!

Kteach said...

Looks very nice, I like the counters and the sink too! Good job !