Saturday, March 1, 2014

#1121 was today a lion or a lamb?

Early this morning the wind was howling and the rain was pounding on my bedroom window and my sleepy thought was that March was coming in like a lion.

Then today I was out and about and the temperature was pretty mild. A light breeze was blowing in that was a little chilly and it was sprinkling, but it wasn't cold and miserable. So was that lamb weather?

Isn't that typical of Utah weather to be both lion-ish and lamb-ish on March 1?

Speaking of lambs, when I was looking for a graphic to use today, I saw cute pictures of baby sheep. Honestly! They are adorable!

Seriously, the only thing cuter than a lamb might be a baby goat: cute are you, baby goat!

Sorry. Got carried away by the cuteness. Happy March everyone!

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