Saturday, March 22, 2014

#1142 Jazz by one!

Tonight was game night - the second game of a three game package that I bought for T and I. Tonight the Jazz were playing the Orlando Magic. The Jazz also came into the game on a six game losing streak. :(
The Jazz lead most of the game until there was about three minutes left in the fourth quarter, then Orlando took the lead. It's kind of a pattern the Jazz have and it's hard to watch that happen. Tonight, though, the Jazz hung in there and Trey Burke nailed a three pointer with 1.6 seconds left to get the win for the Jazz! The fans went wild. My throat hurts a little from all the yelling I was doing. It was exciting! Jazz win by one point!

Our friends Rob and LA are staying with us this weekend. It's always so awesome to spend time with my friend! They didn't come into town just to hang out with us, but they are staying with us. We went out for a late lunch and it was fun.

I finished a book! Check out the 2014 Reading page for info.

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