Sunday, March 23, 2014

#1143 taking the first step

It was a nice weekend for us. Our friends were in town and we stayed up late chatting and laughing. This morning we went out for breakfast before they headed back to Idaho. In all the time that we hung out, we were always talking. It was great!

The rest of the day was just Sunday stuff: grocery shopping, laundry, paying bills and reading. I watched a little basketball, but not too much. MT did a little work on one of the rentals. T was messing around on his computer. He's into stand up comedians these days, so he's been watching stand up clips on You Tube. I hear him laughing every now and then. He realized there is a comedy club not too far from our house, so he's keeping an eye open for shows to go see there.


I'm feeling kind of bad. Remember that I wrote about the fitness groups at WW and I was in the walking group? Well, I have been exercising, but it hasn't been walking. In fact, this weekend I told myself that I would go for a walk. My plan was to just start walking, go out about 15 minutes from the house, then turn around and come back so I'd be out 30 minutes. I didn't go out at all. I could have, but I didn't and so I feel bad. Walking is supposed to be the most easiest thing, right, because you just go. Why didn't I go? I could have, but I didn't. GRRR

I have set up a little exercise schedule for myself. On Monday and Thursday, I go spinning at the gym. On Tuesday and Friday, I do yoga at home. On Wednesday and Saturday, I will do arms and abs. I want to add walking in there too. Well, one day at a time and I'll start with spinning tomorrow. I did go to spinning class both days last week and I did yoga twice. I didn't do anything on Wednesday because it was T's birthday and people were coming over but I didn't know when. Ugh. The excuses I come up with! Tomorrow is a new day. It will be good.

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