Thursday, March 12, 2015

#1389 TBT family portrait

How can I not post an old pic on Throwback Thursday? I must take advantage of the easy posts when I can!

Here's me with my "first" family back in November 1972. Lizzie is the cute little one in my dad's arms. She is one year old. I'm the smiley six year old redhead. I love my mom's shag haircut and that dress!) and my dad's sweet mustache.

Not sure what Dad is looking at, but Lizzie sees it too and doesn't seem pleased. Mom and I are in our photo zone :)

Please take a minute to admire the framed art behind us. I really loved that art. (I'm not even kidding.) It was kind of a 3-D thing. The flowers were yarn. Did you make it, Mom? Where did it come from? More importantly, where did it go?

I love looking at old photos!

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Kteach said...

Yes I made the art thingie. It was burlap background with yarn flowers, I even stained the frame. The photo was taken in Jerome, the art followed us to Burley, and on to La Mirada, where it languished for a long time in the garage. I don't know what happened to it since I normally don't throw away things that I made, maybe it disintegrated!