Thursday, March 26, 2015

#1403 throwback Thursday: my hair

I went to see my friend Lanna to get my hair done this evening. Lanna has been doing my hair for nearly seventeen years. T was just a baby when I started going to her. Even more amazing, in all those years, she has been at the same salon and even at the same station. She has done everything to my hair except give me a perm. She cut it super short and is now taking care of it as it grows. She makes it a pretty color and knows how to style it just right for me. Lanna always gives me good advice about hair products, too. She's awesome!

I've been letting my hair grow for awhile now. It is past my shoulders now; I think my hair is about as long as it's ever been, at least since I was a little kid.

That last sentence reminded me that it is Thursday, therefore, it's a perfect opportunity to post an old pic! Here I am in second grade with long luxurious red hair:

Forgive the crude cutting of the photo. I made a scrapbook long before scrapbooking was as high-tech and beautiful as it is now.

My hair is not as long now as it was in second grade. When I was looking for a photo, this was about the longest hair that I saw.

Here's my hair tonight after a fresh cut and fresh color to liven up the brassy strands:

I'm not quite as adorable at 48 as I was at 7, but really, who is? I think I look tired in this picture, which makes sense because I did not sleep well last night. At least in this pic my extra chins aren't showing. Look! I got some bangs, just like in second grade :) I needed a little change.

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Kteach said...

Cute! your hair has always been a lovely color :)