Saturday, March 28, 2015

#1405 spring, basketball, and Lent is almost over

Today was a flip flops and capris day. The weather here was gorgeous. It was so nice to drive around with the windows down, letting in the nice spring air!

I got a little confused this morning when my alarm didn't go off when it was still dark. I thought I was going to be late for work. It was a little bonus to realize it is Saturday.

At WW, I was down .4 lb today! I'm happy with any loss. I'm totally bummed when I gain .4, so I should be totally happy to lose that much, right?

Most of the day was spent puttering around the house, doing some laundry, swiffering and vacuuming. I cleaned the fridge, too. There were a lot of old condiments in there. We didn't use them, but I never got around to throwing them away until today. There's a lot more room in the shelves on the refrigerator door now.

Tonight, MT and I watched basketball. The Notre Dame/Kentucky game was incredible. I really thought ND might pull off the upset of the ages, but it was not to be. Kentucky is now 38-0 this season. If they win two more games, they will be undefeated and the national champions. Fun to watch that team.

After that I switched over to the Jazz game. The Jazz were playing the Oklahoma City Thunder. What made the game more interesting is that the Jazz traded a player, Enes Kanter,  to the Thunder about a month ago, and it was this guy's first trip back to Utah. After the shoot-around practice today, Kanter spoke to the media about how he was so much happier to be with a real professional team like the Thunder. He had nothing good to say about his time in Utah and Jazz Nation responded in the arena and on Twitter. Former Jazz players take note: do NOT disparage the Jazz. The fans here hate that and even if they liked you before, mean words about the franchise will only bring hatred upon you. Plus, the Jazz beat OKC tonight and so that just added to the overall Twitter beat-down that was rained upon Kanter.  Some of the tweets just made me laugh. I like it when people are scathing without being offensive.

I am now officially counting down the days until Easter. I really want to have a sweet treat! I think Lent is about 10 days too long. :) I confess that I did have a couple of bites of T's birthday cake, but other than that, no cookies, no candy, no ice cream, no brownies. Weekends have been the hardest. I'm pretty proud of myself, though. It's been a test of will. I'm glad that Kelsie was abstaining from sweets at the same time because whenever I thought about cheating, I saw her disapproving face and I was able to move on.

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