Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#1408 out like a lamb

What a difference 30 days makes! March came in with snow and cold, but today it was in the upper 70s here. It was breezy, but warm. Will we have April showers next month? We could use the water, that's for sure.

Only four more days until I can have a sweet treat! I'm thinking a peanut butter/chocolate Easter egg. No, maybe one of those Cadbury cream eggs. Or a donut. Or a cinnamon roll. Maybe some cake! Who knows? What I'm pretty sure of is that I will only have something that I really want. I won't settle for just any old thing.

It's been nice chatting with you every day this month. In April I'll write every other day starting on Thursday and write on even number days. Hopefully April will be a little more eventful than March was and I'll have some fun topics to write about.


I finished this book! Check out the 2015 Reading List page.

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