Thursday, April 2, 2015

#1409 TBT dancing on a boat in the Dominican Republic

MT and I have been craving the Caribbean. On FB, I follow Caribbean Journal and they always post great photos and some interesting stories. We don't have plans to go to the Caribbean this year, but it's never very far from our minds.

Since it's Thursday, I wanted to post an older photo. This one caught my eye. It was taken in February 2008. It was our first trip to the Dominican Republic. It was our first two-part vacation: we stayed at an all-inclusive resort near Bayahibe (on the Caribbean side) for the first five days, then we went on a seven day cruise. What a great trip! All of us were so happy and had so much fun!

So this photo...

We were taking an excursion. It was a two-part excursion. First we got on a bus which brought us to the Chavon River and we got on an amphibious vehicle that floated us down the river and then took us up the road to the town of Altos de Chavon. After we looked around the village, we got back on the bus and went to La Romana where we boarded a boat that took us out to Isla Catalina.

For the whole day, we had this crew of young people that were our guides and servers. The women were beautiful and the men were handsome. A fun thing about my experience in the Dominican Republic is that there is always music. When there is music, there is dancing. As the boat was easing into the water, the music came on and the crew started dancing. Everyone was smiling and getting into it. They were pouring rum punch and other beverages and it was a gorgeous day.

The crew started getting a couple of passengers to dance with them. MT, a noted non-dancer, was chosen. I wouldn't let him refuse, so he awkwardly got up and started dancing with the pretty girl. T and I were laughing and enjoying watching MT. From the looks of his face in this picture, he had a good time, too.

Man, I love vacations!

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