Thursday, April 16, 2015

#1416 and the answer is...

A cold! That cold I get about once a year that totally wipes me out, kicks my butt and declares it's triumph over me by making me miss work and lose days and not know anything about what is going on anywhere.

Wednesday morning I woke up and felt dreadful, but I got ready for work (hair and make-up) and in the midst of coughing and blowing my nose repeatedly, I realized that I was not fit to be around other people. In fact, if someone else had come to work in the condition I was in, I would have sent them home. So I texted my boss, took out my contacts, took off my make-up, combed out my hair and went back to bed. The day passed in a blur. I do remember waking up and watching a movie, The Delivery Man, and going back to bed. Last night? We watched TV and the rest is pretty blurry.

This morning I didn't even mess with getting ready because I wasn't feeling any better. I was coughing harder, if anything. At least when I blew my nose, I was getting some results and my head wasn't pounding anymore. I slept until noon-ish, then forced myself to get up and shower and try to be a bit human. I apologize in advance to my fellow Long Beach travelers this afternoon. I will be medicated and try to keep my germs to myself. But hey. Airplanes aren't called "germ tubes" for nothing.

It did register with me that it snowed all day yesterday. I had at least two inches of snow at my house. Osi was happily laying out in the snow chewing on her rawhide bone for awhile. She was pretty wet and shiver-y when she came in, but she seemed happy. I didn't go outside the house at all yesterday, and I haven't today, either, come to think of it. I am about ready to venture out to the store to pick up some more medicine and some dog food.

I hope it's warmer in California. I think the forecast is for sun and upper 70s. I can hang with that.

I can't wait to see my mom, dad and sister tonight!!


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