Monday, April 20, 2015

#1418 the virtual doctor appointment

After a week, I am still feeling crappy. Yes, I feel better than I did on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm still no where near 100%. I think what started as an allergy turned into a cold and has now morphed into a sinus infection. The only cure for an infection is antibiotics and the only way to get those meds is to see a doctor, so that's what I did today.

Through the health insurance at my work, we have access to a program called Live Health Online.  There's an app, too. I downloaded the app, entered my info and selected a doctor from the list. A couple of minutes later, a lady came on my phone screen. We had a split screen so she could see me and I could see her. I told her what my problem was, she asked me some questions, I answered and then she prescribed some antibiotics for me. She sent the prescription right to the pharmacy where I go and within about 30 minutes, the pharmacy called to let me know my prescription was ready. My chat with the doctor lasted about five or six minutes, cost $49 and I was right back to work. If I had gone to my regular doctor, I would easily have been gone from the office at least 90 minutes and it would have cost closer to $85.

I was skeptical about the online doctor visit, but it worked well. The doctor was a family practitioner and seemed to know what she was doing. I would use the service again and recommend it to others.

Here's hoping the antibiotics clear up my sinuses and I start to feel better.

One more thing...

Tomorrow is my dad's 75th birthday. Given how sick he was when he turned 71, to see him doing so well and celebrating his 75th birthday makes me so happy and thankful! Happy birthday, Dad! Keep getting better, please! :) Love you!

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