Saturday, May 9, 2015

#1432 shopping spree

My BFF LA has come down from Pocatello to spend the weekend. We've been getting together for a girls weekend for a few years, but this is the only second year when we have added the shopping component to our weekend.

Here's how the day went:

First we went to REI. LA wanted to buy a raincoat, and not just because it was pouring rain all day long. She told me earlier in the week that she wanted a raincoat. Anyway, she tried on several raincoats, but couldn't find just the right one, so we decided to go check out some other stores, but first...lunch!

We wanted to go to Porcupine Grill, but it was packed. LA wanted fish, so I remembered that Market Street Grill was nearby. YUM! The restaurant is beautiful and the food was delicious. LA and I reminisced about when we first became friends and had to put out money together to get share a $5 pizza lunch. Thank goodness we are past that phase!

After lunch we headed over to the mall where we spent hours and money in several stores. When we were done with the mall, we came to a few stores here in my neighborhood then we decided we were done. For today, anyway.

This post has taken me about two hours to write since we were watching a movie as I was writing, so it's not the best but now it's too late to start over. :)

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