Friday, May 8, 2015

#1431 foodie Friday

This week I tried out a new recipe that I found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I find so many cool things there and it's so easy to "pin" them to go back to later. Recipes, outfit ideas, hairstyles, quotes, it's endless!

Anyway, the recipe is called Baja fish taco bowl and it's from a blog called Spokane Dinner Club. The photo looked appealing and I like all the ingredients, so why not try it?

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly. I rubbed the chili powder, cumin and cayenne pepper on the tilapia fillets and cooked them in olive oil until they were flaky. At that point, I took the fish out, put in on a plate and covered it with foil to keep it warm. About the tilapia: I bought the tilapia loins from Costco. They are frozen, but they thaw quickly and they are a nice size.

I added a little more olive oil to the pan and put in about half of a red onion that I had chopped and one red bell pepper, also chopped into small pieces. I'm not a big fan of bell peppers, but I like the flavor. I cooked the onion and pepper until they were tender crisp, then added the minced garlic and cooked it until it smelled awesome. After that I threw in a can of corn and a can of black beans that were drained and rinsed. The recipe called for a cup of corn and a cup of beans, I think, but I just did the whole can. What am I going to do with half a can of corn and beans? I mixed everything together and sauteed it all until the corn and beans were warm.

While the veggies were hanging out together, I stuck a bag of Trader Joe's brown rice in the microwave. I highly recommend the Trader Joe's brown rice. It's already cooked, so it's super easy and it tastes great. Yummy rice in three minutes? Yes please.

I should mention that before I even started cooking the fish, I mixed up some guacamole to snack on. I love guacamole and consider myself to be a very good guac maker. I mash up the avocados but leave some nice chunks. I added a bit of red pepper, some mashed garlic, a bit of cayenne pepper and some salt. I would have squirted some lime in there if I had it, but I didn't. I also added a bit of Trader Joe's red salsa.

When everything was ready, it was time to build the bowl. I started with a bed of rice. Next I gently placed a tilapia fillet on the rice, then I covered it all with the corn/bean/onion/pepper mixture. To make it extra yummy, I put a dollop of guacamole on top of the whole thing.

While I was planning the dish, my thought was to drizzle some jalapeno ranch dressing (from Litehouse - it's delicious!) on the whole thing, but I was so excited about the guacamole and how the whole thing smelled, I forgot the dressing. I think it would have given the dish a nice kick. I could have used a little more spice, but MT thought it was very good. He agreed that the jalapeno ranch dressing would have been great, though.

T only ate the fish and he thought it was good.

This recipe will definitely be on my table again. I thought it was very flavorful, easy to make and probably pretty low in WW points plus. It was light but filling. OY! My mouth is watering just a little as I think and write about the recipe :) Either the recipe is a winner, or I'm a little hungry. (Maybe both.)

Talk to you tomorrow!

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