Saturday, June 6, 2015

#1457 a new toy

My boys gave me a FitBit ChargeHR for my birthday. I'd seen a commercial for it one time and commented that it was cool that the FitBit had a heart rate monitor in it now, and I guess the comment stuck with MT. He knows I've been getting back into exercise and I always liked my heart rate monitor. Honestly, the FitBit is something I never knew I wanted until I put it on this morning. It's a pretty cool little gadget. Mine is black and pretty much looks like a big bracelet. It's not really that cute, but I'm going to wear it all the time! It tells me the time, how many steps I've taken today (13,748 - more on that in a minute), my current heart rate (66), how many miles I've walked today (5.82), how many calories I've burned (2,718), and how many flightes of stairs I've climbed (21 - have I been up and down the stairs 21 times today?) There's also an app that I downloaded on my beloved iPhone that syncs with the FitBit and keeps track of stuff so I can compare all those categories daily. I think I'm in love!

So about all those steps I've had today...I'm gonna go ahead and say that number will not be normal for me. You see, I walked to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and then back home. It was about four miles, two miles each way. (Oh yeah, the FitBit also has an exercise tracking function so you can set it when you start and it will tell you how long you did the exercise and what your average heart rate was during the activity. Genius!) It wasn't too bad to walk like that. I don't mind walking if I have a destination. Also, I think there will be some walking involved during the time in Hawaii, so I wanted to make sure I was feeling up to it. What I learned today was that my Keens (shoes) that I was planning to do most of my walking in are great on gravel but not really cushion-y on the road and I got a little blister on the bottom of my left foot.  I will be taking along my Sketchers Go Walks because those shoes are like walking on a cloud. I also learned that I must have an awkward gait because my right hip/lower right back is feeling very uncomfortable with every step I take with my right leg. Hopefully I will be able to sleep it off and stretch it out. I was feeling pretty old with my blister and my hip. :(

The FitBit will also track my sleep or soemthing. I'll be trying out that feature tonight, and probably pretty soon. I'm tired!

A couple more random things to mention:

I'm reading a book, The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper, that I really think I read before. It's kind of familiar, but I don't know what's going to happen, so I'm not sure if I've read it but I think I may have. The whole thing is kind of messing with my brain, but it's a good story, so I'm going to finish it. I looked at my 2012 Reading List and didn't see it, so maybe I read it before 2012 or maybe I haven't read it at all. See? I'm confused!

Last night MT and I went to see Spy. It made me laugh. Melissa McCarthy was very good in it. I have kind of a love/hate thing with her. I liked her in The Heat and Bridesmaids, but I couldn't finish Identity Thief and didn't even give Tammy a try. It's hit and miss for me with her. But Spy was a hit. Liked it a lot!

Summer has officially started at my house. T is finished with school! Yesterday was the last day and I didn't see him at all since he was hanging out with his friends and attending a graduation party. No, he didn't graduate, but he has friends who were seniors so he partied with them. I think he had a fun night. He was the DD.

We are now only days away from the Hawaii trip! I will actually be putting stuff in my suitcase probably as early as tomorrow. Well, maybe I'll wait until Monday, but maybe not!

Have a great weekend!

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