Thursday, July 9, 2015

#1473 live music time

MT and I are having a date night! We are going to see the Zac Brown Band perform at USANA Amphitheater. It will be the second time we've seen Zac Brown Band. I love them and I'm excited.

The amphitheater of course is outdoors and open to the elements. Last night we had a HUGE thunderstorm with lightning and pouring torrential sideways rain. It's really cloudy and storms are in the forecast. I'm taking my rain jacket and I'm wearing jeans because it's not all that warm. Current temp is 75 degrees. I was hoping for a nice warm evening so I could enjoy a cold beer and some great music. The warm evening is out, the good music is still in play. Not sure about the beer at this point.

Have a great night everyone!

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