Friday, July 10, 2015

#1474 foodie Friday: tacos

I'm not going to write about Hawaii tonight because the next post will be about the epic journey we took around the Big Island and I want to have enough time for proper show and tell.

Plus, I'm extremely tired tonight. As I mentioned yesterday, MT and I went to see the Zac Brown Band in concert last night. They were wonderful! I really like their music. I don't really know what genre they fit into. They certainly started out as a country band and probably get the most radio airplay on country stations - not that I would know. I did see a few of the country radio stations' remote vehicles at the show last night. But ZBB has some rock songs and some what I call "vacation music" and even a little funk. It was a fun show and I really enjoyed it.

I really like the venue (USANA Amphitheater) except for the parking or really more specifically, the exiting from the parking lot. It's kind of combat parking/leaving until you actually get to a gate and then there are people directing traffic. We were in the parking lot for about 40 minutes or so before we even got on the road. I'm glad we live so close to the venue. We were home in no time once we got out of the parking lot.

It's Friday and I'm hungry. I usually eat pretty light on Friday because of weigh-in on Saturday morning. I don't starve myself, but I keep it pretty simple, especially at dinner. I was sorely tempted to have some tacos tonight though. I have some taco meat in my fridge. Whenever I make tacos, I usually try to cook and season a lot of meat so I can freeze some for later meals. That's what happened last time I made tacos. We had tacos for dinner a few nights ago, and there is still meat left over. I should have used smaller freezer bags.

I remember my mom making tacos when I was a kid. She used a taco seasoning packet and whenever I use one of those, it always takes me right back to my childhood home in Idaho. We'd set the table and put bowls of taco condiments on it: diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, chopped onions, sour cream, maybe some guacamole and black olives. My favorite was when Mom would fry the corn tortillas into shells. The shells would be just the right proportion of crispy/chewy. MMMM.

When MT and I got together, he showed me a different way to season taco meat. We didn't have much money, so even though the seasoning packets are not expensive, we didn't use them. We would use salsa to season the meat. I do it still almost every time, but I add more spices, too.  I brown the meat, add chopped onions and green chilis then cumin, chili powder, dried cilantro and some cracked black pepper. When it all smells good and is nice and brown, I add some salsa. How much salsa depends on how much meat I'm cooking. My favorite salsa to add is Trader Joe's red salsa. It was such a great flavor!

If I have time, I will usually fry the corn tortilla shells. MT loves them. If I don't have time to fry, he will usually make himself a taco salad. I'll make a burrito with a flour tortilla, but I prefer the fried corn shells. No, it's not the most healthy thing, but it's not like I eat it every day. I very very rarely buy the pre-formed corn shells.

T doesn't eat tacos. I think it's because I ate so many when I was pregnant with him that he just can't stand them. He'll come around, though when he's older, maybe.

Our most common tacos are the ones I made with ground beef, but every now and then a shredded chicken taco hits the spot. Whenever I cook a pork butt, we definitely have shredded pork tacos  with the leftovers. I'll chop up some peppers and get them nice and soft and flavorful then add the pork. I like to top the pork tacos with some guacamole. The pork and avocado make a delicious combination. My mouth is watering a bit just thinking about it.

I also like to get carne asada from the Mexican market down the street. Carne asada is made with very thin cut flank steak that has been marinated, usually in orange juice and some spices. It cooks up in no time at all. I cut the steak into bite size pieces, sprinkle with a little finely chopped red onion, maybe a bit of cilantro, some queso fresco and squeeze lime over the whole thing. The fried shells are perfect for carne asada tacos. Or really any kind of meat.

Oh my gosh. I'm eating tacos tomorrow, maybe even for a late breakfast after the WW meeting!

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