Monday, July 13, 2015

#1477 plan B kicked my bum

On Monday night I like to go to the spinning class at the gym. I've missed the past few Mondays because I have had to work late. Since I knew this was a possibility, I packed my gym clothes in a bag this morning and vowed to get to class tonight. It starts at 7PM.

I did work late, but I changed my clothes and headed right to the gym, getting there at 7PM. The bad news - the spinning class was full. There were no bikes to be had. I take that back. There was one bike, but it didn't have any pedals, only clips. I don't have shoes with clips and I have tried to use the bike without pedals but it really sucks. I left the spin class and thought about going home, but there was another class being held, so I decided to try that instead.

The instructor was one of the personal trainers; he was filling in for the regular teacher. I think the class is usually cardio kickboxing. This guy made the class his own. We did a bunch of squats with kettle bells, pelvic lifts, punching with weights and ended up on the bag doing various kickboxing moves. It wore me right out. It was a small class (because everyone was spinning!) so the instructor got right in and worked individually with each of us. I punched the crap out of that bag when the instructor was around, then I had to rest! LOL

I wasn't feeling very well to begin with. I didn't take enough food with me to work today. I used all my Points but I didn't make good choices. I had a headache and I was hungry, then I pushed myself hard in the class. I thought I was going to throw up by the time I got home. I could barely eat my bowl of cereal; in fact I didn't finish it. I couldn't do it.

Now I have taken a shower and had some more water and I feel better. I'm sure I'll be super-hungry in the morning!

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